Building Surveying

BSA Building Surveyors offers the traditional building permit issue role as an alternative to Council Building Surveying. With a diverse range of experience with all building project types and complexities, we offer a complete building permit issue service. Our team of building surveyors and inspectors ably supported by our network of subcontract inspectors, undertake the required inspections throughout the project’s duration. Quality assurance is ensured through regular review of inspection reports and an endeavour to undertake all final inspections from our Geelong office irrespective of the project location. Regulative design development and technical advice is a vital component of our collaborative approach to client services. It allows clients to progress through the design phases with confidence and economical assurance. It complements the prompt building permit process we are able to offer. We encourage early project involvement and designer liaison to ensure that the early stages of project development recognise the complexity of building control in project design and development. Senior Building Surveying team members have additional qualifications in fire and performance based building codes to facilitate assessment of more complex alternative solutions, promoting opportunities for economical design concepts.

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